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Dan Shore is an opera composer and playwright whose many works for the stage include The Beautiful Bridegroom, An Embarrassing Position, Travel, Anne Hutchinson, The Chorus Girl, and the forthcoming Lady Orchid. 

Selected Works


Freedom Ride (upcoming; libretto by Dan Shore)

Lady Orchid (upcoming; libretto by Dan Shore)

Anne Hutchinson (2014; libretto by Fritz Bell and William A. Fregosi)

An Embarrassing Position (2010; libretto by Dan Shore)

The Beautiful Bridegroom (2007; libretto by Dan Shore)

Works of Mercy (2002; libretto by Dan Shore)

The Chorus Girl (1998; libretto by Dan Shore)


The Cowboy’s Life (2017)

Two Songs About Cats (2016)

Song of the Open Road (2015)

Gold and Silver Moons (2015)

Three Moon Poems for the Children (2015)

Bergen Variations for Chamber Orchestra (2012)

Two Poems by Mary Baker Eddy (2012)

Suite in A Minor for Oboe Quartet (2012)

Four Poems by John Donne, for soprano and piano (2011)

Catharine Cole’s Correspondence (selections), for soprano, piano, and English horn (2010-11)

Dead Horse, for flute, oboe, violin, violoncello, guitar, and banjo (2004)

La niña quiere un helado, for two guitars (2004)

Concerto for Oboe and Chamber Orchestra (2000)

Trio for Flute, Oboe, and Bassoon (1999)

Oboe Sonata in D Major (1995)

Two Songs of Love, for soprano and piano (1994)



Dear Veronica (1996; book by Andrew Wassenich)

Company Picnic (1994; book by Andrew Wassenich)

The Voting Game (1993; book by Andrew Wassenich)

Alice Trippin Thru the Looking Glass (1993; book by Lindell Heard Young)

Fables: The Musical (1992; book by Andrew Wassenich)